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i came home from college and my cat is pissed

remember that time my cat yelled at me when i came home for winter break

Isn’t this the same cat who won’t pay rent?

oh my god i can’t believe you recognized him



  1. Camera: Fujifilm FinePix F31fd
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/70th
  4. Focal Length: 8mm

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i wanna date someone and live with them in a shitty apartment but be happy about it because we are happy together and we can decorate it with stupid dorky posters of shit we like and figurines and art and we can cook weird recipes we found on the internet and eat them and watch cartoons even if the food is gross because we made it and we’re perfect

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tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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Built in the wake of the Third War, the mighty fortress-city of Orgrimmar lay at the heart of the new homeland of the Orcs.imageThe Valley of Strength opened out beyond the city’s main gates, welcoming all members of the Horde.imageThe Bank of Orgrimmar was a favorite haunt for merchants, tradesmen,…

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QuestionHey John, what is your reaction to the news that the Riverside district has chosen to ban TFIOS from middle school libraries on the grounds that it deals with mortality and sex? I remember your reactions to similar situations concerning your books have been pretty animated and wondered what you thought? Answer


I guess I am both happy and sad.

I am happy because apparently young people in Riverside, California will never witness or experience mortality since they won’t be reading my book, which is great for them.

But I am also sad because I was really hoping I would be able to introduce the idea that human beings die to the children of Riverside, California and thereby crush their dreams of immortality.


How to complete Snake.

It’s like a piece of art


How to complete Snake.

It’s like a piece of art

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I just watched this, hypnotized, for a good minute. 


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